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F13 - Temecula, CA  Who we are? What we do? How we make you the coolest kid on the block!


We are a fine motorcar boutique located on Temeculas "Old Town Front Street", Southern Californias BEST location to cruise your car, ride your motorcycle year round or start your wine country tour with friends and family.


Our inventory managers at F13 hand pick what may someday hit the showroom floor, we have the vehicles inspected, detailed and professionally photographed to give our buyers the most accurate description of what they are about to purchase.


Inventory changes day to day and week to week, we price to sell and sell we do. Nationwide and worldwide... 80% of vehicles sold last year where inspected onsite by a third party and shipped out to the new owners hundreds and sometimes thousands of miles away.


We welcome you to visit our site as often as you would like as you dont want to miss that perfect toy that you just cant be without.